Stapleton & Springer E-shop

Terms and conditions




The export trading terms concern business transactions between subjects registered outside the Czech Republic and Stapleton-Springer-Springer, s.r.o., Bořetice 476, EU VAT no. 27154513.


Ordering and entering into a contract

All the orders made via the e-shop is valid and obligatory for supplier.

Supplier accepts also written orders sent by ordinary mail or e-mail with the exact specification of:

- Variety of wine

- Quantity

- Customer name and address

- Delivery address (if delivery required)

- Way of payment



The prices published in the e-shop of the website are valid and obligatory in the moment of placing an order.

All the prices are EXW including valid VAT.


Way of payment

- Payment in advance, bank transfer

- Cash for the collection

Credit/debit card accepted


Delivery and transport outside CZ

The cost of delivery is not included into the prices.

Stapleton-Springer, s.r.o. can provide a specialized delivery based on further specifications and individual requirements of a customer.